HPV. Natural treatment

Well, perhaps you’ve tested positive for HPV. And now you’ve been thinking what to do. HPV or Human Papillomavirus infection is a common sexually transmitted disease.

Although often transitory, persistent oncogenic HPV infection may progress to a precursor lesion and, if not treated, can further increase the risk of cancer.

HPV. Natural treatment with vitamins and supplements

One of HPV studies had a purpose to investigate the relation between dietary intake and HPV persistent infection in men. No significant association was found between selected nutrients and persistent oncogenic HPV infection. Though the study showed that vitamin B12 was one of the critical nutrients that had a significant association.

Vitamin B12 intake was inversely associated with nononcogenic HPV persistence. Vitamin B12 deficiency might actually assist in viral invasion of HPV. It also plays a role in cellular changes in your mucosal membrane. One of our best choices is Vitatabs® B12 1000mg, 100 tabl. with apple taste.

Certainly there are other ways of HPV treatment. In this post we will tell you about natural remedies that can be used to clear off HPV – persistent and very unpleasant virus from your body. This expertise has been taken from numerous scientific studies and research articles.

There are over a hundred different types of HPV. About 60 of them involve warts or lesions. 40 types of HPV transmitted via sexual contact (STDS). There two categories of HPV – high risk and low risk. High risk category includes HPV16 and HPV 18 which lead to cervical cancers and then HPV 31 and HPV 33, HPV 45, HPV 52, HPV 58.

Low category risk of HPV includes HPV 6, HPV 11 that often cause warts (raised lesions) . Often HPV cause no symptoms in you and your partner. Also sometimes HPV can clear off your body on its own. Sometimes it can be persistent and sometimes it can be in a dormant phase.

Many of HPV types are harder to clear off on its own and it requires a long and persistent treatment. The thing is that HPV impacts mucosal membranes. It can be found in oral, anal and the cervical membranes.

One way to clear off your body from HPV is to boost your immunity and improve the immune health to help your body to eradicate the virus that has invaded these mucosal membranes.

First thing you can do is to enhance your intake of vitamin B12 and also balance all other deficiencies your body might have. What is in fact happening here is your are helping your body to fight off the virus by balancing your body’s internal processes and protecting it from further invasion of the virus.

The virus is a foreign invader getting into your body’s cells and multiplying itself to invade more and areas of the body. The role of vitamin B12 is to help your DNA methylation process synthesise and turn over the cell tissue in a restorative way to help your body to fight off the virus and further guard it off.

The next important nutrient(s) to combat HPV are antioxidants. One of our favourite is Selesan, 60 tabl. – a mix of plant natural extracts in combination with vitamins and minerals which have a highest antioxidant value and immune support function.

It contains a great mixture contains a unique bioactive combination of fruits, berries, vegetables and herbs e.g. acerola, aconia, aroma, camu camu, basil, cabbage, cinnamon, blackberry, cherry, turmeric, quercetin, mangosteen, blackcurrant, black bean, blueberry, apple, oregano, broccoli, broccoli sprout, spinach, carrot, blueberry onion, tomato, raspberry, garlic, green coffee, green tea.

Chaga is another great antioxidant which is quite critical in your treatment of HPV. Chaga increases the antioxidant capacity of your body to turn over cells and to minimize cell damage, free radical damage due to this HPV viral infection. Chaga is very potent and very powerful in your treatment and eradicating of HPV.

One of scientific researches back in 2016 suggested that stress and depression play a significant role in whether a woman with HPV can get rid of her infection or not. HPV that lingers in a woman’s system eventually can lead to cervical cancer. The role of stress in HPV persistence, especially women in their 20s and 30s plays a significant role in clearing off your body as well as the states of depression.

Multiple studies prove that stress decreases the immune response, it lowers the immune health to respond to a virus including HPV and lowers women’s ability to eradicate the virus. That’s what can lead to a persistent HPV lingering in some women. Stress reducing, adaptogenic remedies can play a significant role in depression relief.

Depremin contains Saffron extract. The recommended dose is 1 tablet twice a day. It is not recommended to pregnant or breast-feeding women though. Depremin supports a good mood for the whole day.

Golden root (Rhodiola rosea) increases the body’s ability to adapt to external stressors in a wide variety of ways. Together with ginseng and schisandra, it is one of the adaptogens whose effects have been recognized worldwide. Dynaforce® helps your body adapt to stress and lowers your stress hormone which is a critical factor in stress management.

The next important ingredient that can feed and nourish the mitochondria, the heart of body cells which is helping cells to turn over and combat the viral invasion. Vitacell® PQQ is our best choice to boost your immune response and improve the immune function.

PQQ, or pyrroloquinoline quinone, is a water-soluble compound found from microbes in 1979. PQQ supports mitochondrial function. Mitochondria are responsible for the cellular energy metabolism, or cellular respiration. PQQ affects cell growth, development, differentiation and life span. PQQ has an effect mainly to brain health, but also on the metabolism of the whole body.

Vitacell® PQQ is also a vegan product. It helps cells to respond to the replication of HPV virus which in turn helps to stop it and eradicate HPV

Last but not least natural remedy to fight off HPV virus is AHCC extracted from Shiitake mushroom. Our favourite is IMMUNOMAX® AHCC® manufactured in Finland. Vegan and high-quality.

AHCC® is effective in stimulating and enhancing the natural immunomodulatory function of the body (stimulates the production of NK cells, killer T-cells, and cytokines).

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